Fenwick Island Lighthouse

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in Delaware and Maryland. It is located at 103 146th St, Ocean City, MD 21842. It dates back to 1858 and is the oldest in the state. While its location may be in Maryland, it is still considered a part of Delaware’s history. The lighthouse was originally built to guide ships during the American Revolution. It is still in use today. It is now used as a tourist attraction. There are many tours to take and see the lighthouse.

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse is located on a narrow strip of coastline in southern Delaware. This lighthouse is unique in design, as it features two separate brick towers. The outer brick tower is a conical shape, while the inner brick tower is a roughly eight-foot cylinder. It was constructed by U.S. Army Captain William F. Raynolds, but regular operations didn’t begin until 1859.

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse is located on the Delaware/Maryland state line. It stands 87 feet tall and is painted white. Unfortunately, this lighthouse is in need of major restoration. Although it is no longer used for navigation, it is still an interesting and beautiful landmark to visit. The lighthouse is a great photo opportunity, but you’ll want to get up close and look up to get a good look at it.

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse served as a navigational aid for seafarers for nearly 120 years. However, in 1978, the Coast Guard decommissioned the lighthouse and turned it off. This caused a lot of protest and petitioning by residents and visitors. Eventually, the Coast Guard transferred ownership of the lighthouse to the state of Delaware. In 1998, the lighthouse was relighted and rededicated. It is now maintained by the Friends of Fenwick Island Lighthouse, a non-profit group.

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse was built in 1858, but it was not lit until mid-1859. It is constructed of brick with a cast iron spiral staircase and stands 87 feet tall. Its light has a range of 15 miles. The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1978, but public campaigning and public efforts helped save the lighthouse. It was reopened in 1997 and lit in 1998. Today, it is home to a small museum and gift shop.

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse is located on the shore of Fenwick Island, which is about 344 acres of shoreline. The lighthouse museum is home to an 1859 Gothic-style wood-frame keepers’ house. There are also several kid-friendly water parks in the area.

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