Air Duct Cleaning for the Ocean City & Berlin, MD, Areas

5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling is a locally owned business with offices in Ocean City, Maryland and Dagsboro, DE. We are licensed to perform HVAC air duct cleaning  services throughout Maryland and Delaware. We offer Free Quotes and all workmanship is backed by a One Year Warranty.

Air ducts provide homes and businesses with cool and warm air throughout the year. Although heating and cooling units may be taken for granted, the reality is that HVAC duct cleaning is necessary due to frequent use. In fact, air ducts have been found to contain allergens, pet dander dirt and debris. Therefore, air duct cleaning must occur in order for an air duct to distribute clean hot and cold air to every room within a home.

When it is time to clean a home, many homeowners assume that sweeping, dusting and vacuuming are completely effective. While such cleaning can remove grime and dirt from floors and tabletops, the reality is that these methods do not remove all the dust mites that are found within a home. Some cleaning methods may actually spread dirt and dust that can wind up inside the air ducts of a home. As a result, dirt, dust, allergens and other items may be circulated within various rooms when the warm or cool air is active each day.

Children and adults who suffer from allergies may find themselves constantly battling various health challenges because of dirty air ducts that are filled with allergens. The frequently flow of air may cause a room to continually be filled with pollen even though a room was recently cleaned. Particles of dust and dirt may be a source for health issues for a family. Fortunately, HVAC duct cleaning is an excellent way to get rid of dust, debris and other allergens. The result is that previously suffering homeowners can enjoy their homes instead of being concerned about air quality.

Professionals who specialize in HVAC system efficiency are available to address air duct cleaning issues. Company trucks come with all the necessary tools and equipment that can thoroughly clean air ducts. Professional equipment includes vacuums that efficiently remove allergens that have been within a home for years as well as pet dander, dust and dirt. After the work is complete, technicians ensure that the air ducts and HVAC unit is working well.

As many people may already know, an HVAC unit takes hot and cold air and distributes it within a home each day of the year. Air vents that are found within each room receive hot and cold air from air ducts that are connected to an HVAC unit. An HVAC unit has to deal with Particle Matter, which the EPA defines as “a complex mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets that get into the air” ( A furnace filter is an excellent guard that protects a home from Particle Matter from entering a home. If people are interested in seeing how effective a furnace filter is, they can hold up a used filter to a light and see the numerous particles of dirt and grime it has collected.

While a furnace filter is a good protector of Particle Matter, it is not perfect. Over the course of time, a number of tiny particles may enter into an HVAC unit even though a furnace filter is in use. The quality of the furnace filter as well as the air quality can be a factor in how many particles are in the air of a home. If particles are not removed in a timely manner, an HVAC unit may require more time to heat or cool a home. Furthermore, particles can eventually lead to an HVAC unit needing repairs, such as a new blower motor or an A-coil. Professional technicians are available to provide HVAC duct cleaning that can allow an HVAC unit to properly heat and cool a home.

Technicians have the latest equipment that is designed to thoroughly clean air ducts in homes across the area. The cleaning system that professionals employ can be used in a wide range of homes. Professionals have received proper training and receive continuing education in order to serve clients more efficiently. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association, which is also known as the NADCA, has safety guidelines that professionals adhere.

Friendly technicians are on time with homeowner appointments. Before starting to work, professionals ensure planned duct cleaning has been requested and that homeowners are aware of various applications that are available. Technicians use covers to protect floors and furniture before using specialized equipment. Return air vents are sealed as well. After this, the equipment is used to remove dirt and debris from air ducts. Following NADCA standards, professionals make sure that the work is done properly. After the work has been completed, technicians visit with homeowners to go over the work and answer any questions concerning HVAC system efficiency. Homeowners are welcome to fill out a survey that provides feedback to the company.