Thorough Drain Pipe Cleaning in MD & DE

The trained technicians at 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling provide thorough inspections of drain pipes and lines. We are trained to use state-of-the-art equipment enabling us to perform physical and video inspections of your drainage systems. Regular routine inspections will allow us to detect problems before they become major and expensive.

We recommend our customers use Bio-Clean between routine inspections. This will help prevent waste and rust buildup. Our technicians are equipped to tackle any drainage issue. We will professionally clean your drainage lines and pipes so they can return to maximum performance. Don’t trust your drain problems to just anyone, let the experts at 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling use eco-friendly products to clean your drain and sewer systems.

Drain Cleaning Service

When your tub or sink drains slower than normal or doesn’t drain, the drain is damaged or clogged. 5 Star will gladly unclog the drain. Our plumbers can also clean your bathroom and kitchen drains, or remove blockage from a clogged sewer.

While a professional plumbing company will get the job done, by following a few steps, you can clear a clogged drain yourself. Continue reading to find out how to fix some of your drain problems.

How to Use Cleaning Solutions to Clear a Clogged Drain

You can use a sink plunger to clear standing water in your sink. To do this, place the plunger cup over the drain and use your finger to plug the overflow hole, creating a seal. Clear the drain using four to five rapid plunges at a time. If necessary, repeat the process. When the sink starts to drain quickly, you have successfully removed the clog from the drain.

Next, look around your home and find all of your cleaning solutions. Lemon juice can help clear clogged drains. Vinegar is another home remedy that will remove a clog. To make the cleaning solutions stronger, you can add salt, borax and baking soda to the liquid ingredients. Once you’ve selected a cleaning solution (a combination of dry powder ingredients and lemon juice or vinegar), put on some eye protection. Pour the powder ingredients down the drain. Then, pour about half a cup of the liquid down the drain. You don’t have to mix the ingredients before pouring them down the sink. The ingredients will react when the combine with each other. The chemical reaction if what dissolves the drain clog. Grab a cloth and cover the drain for 15- 30 minutes. Repeat the entire process one more time. In some situations, doing this is all you need to clear a simple clog from your drain.

How to Clear a Clogged Drained Using a Plunger and Household Items

Should the cleaning solution method does not work, grab your plunger and form a tight seal around the drain’s opening. Use your finger to cover the overflow hole and start plunging. To make the plunging more effective, fill the sink or tub with hot water. By filling the tub with hot water, you are increasing the amount of pressure on the clog. If you think that the clog is in the sink’s P-trap, place a bucket underneath the trap assemble to catch the water and remove the trap. Get a coat hanger or stiff wire and use it to clean the trap.

If you aren’t willing to remove the P-trap, you can remove the clog using a hanger. Stretch out a metal hanger and curve one end to look like a small hook. You are going to want to have a paper towel and cleaner nearby to clean the mess that removing the clog may create. Start feeding the hanger down the drain until you reach the clog. Position the hanger so that it’s able to pierce the clog and twist. When you have grabbed the clog, pull it back up the drain.

A cable auger also called a plumber’s snake is another option drain clearing option if the hanger option doesn’t work. You can purchase or rent an auger. Augers are long coils of steel wire that removes clogs or obstructions from deep within the drainage system. Beginners can use the hand crank models. However, the electrical augers can be too dangerous for the inexperienced user. To use the hand crank auger, feed the coil into the drain until you reach the clog. Feed a little more of the cable until the clog is pierced. Start turning the crank handle of the auger to get it to break through the clog. Reel the snake back up the drain and throw away the obstruction that is at the end of it.

When you remove the clog, flush the sink with hot water down until it is draining normally. If you try all of these solutions and the drain is still clogged, you may need a professional drain cleaning.  Contact 5 Star Plumbing Heating and Cooling at 888-785-8088.